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Keeping POSITIVE is my daily goal but sometimes it is hard when there are so many negative things going on around me. How do I stay positive in a world that breeds negativity? Well we will see if I can manage it! It is hard but not impossible. First thing is to make sure I Pray every chance I get and second........breathe!

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

What the words to America the Beautiful mean to me?

“What do the words to America the Beautiful Mean to me?”

As I read the words to America the Beautiful, my mind conjures up all of
the sights and sounds created by the flowing verses of the poem.  I
imagine I am there, in that time, looking out into the spacious skies from
high above on a mountain top taking in the breathlessness of the wheat
fields blowing gently in the breeze.  The sea of farmlands all around and
below me fills my heart with pride for I know that God has truly blessed me
and the rest of my country people from the East Coast to the West Coast
with hallowed sustenance.

I see the pilgrims arriving and setting first foot on the land not knowing
what is ahead for them but still pressing onward.  As they struggle through
difficulties of the wild new country, their inner passion for freedom beats
deep within them. Though they make mistakes they embrace their religion
and rally to put together laws that would be righteous towards all.

My day dream enlightens me as I read on.  The patriots prevail in their
search for liberty.  They have found a country they truly love more than their own
lives.  I find myself amongst them as my love for this country is as powerful as theirs.  A comfort washes over me knowing that my desire for a great country is not so different than theirs.

I see that the hopes and dreams of these people are for a free country,
and that they foresee it to be unspoiled, full of grace and pledge no suffering. 
They believe that all who seek independence shall find brotherhood within this
blessed land. They know that it will be a long road to achieve all their visions but
are committed to realizing them.

            Again I see myself amongst these people of this new nation fighting
through the hardships and pains to make a path for those in the future.  They face the unknown with the Grace of God and with the passion in their hearts.  Nothing, not even harm to themselves will stop them from realizing their freedom.

            As I finish the last verse of the poem I feel pride.  The words personify to me what our military men and woman have done for America throughout time.  They have stood side by side fighting to keep our freedoms intact.  I know that our forefather’s dreams live on!

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How to

So you want to know how to be more positive? It will take practice and dedication but it is well worth it. Hey listen no one is perfect, after all we are only human, we will falter but trying is the first step to a better, less stressed, more positive you!



11 ways to become positive

Here are 11 steps for a more positive you that I read on

1. Think Gratitude=focus on your blessings

2. Choose Happiness=choose to be happy

3. Substitute challenges for problems=focus your attention on positive outcomes

4. View life as a journey=look forward to new and unfamiliar experiences

5. Stop and smell the roses=enjoy the simple things in life

6. Begin your day on a positive note=focus on the things that bring you joy and take that with you throughout the day
7. Be positively aware=actively search for the positive side of things

8. Act out happy=act like a happy, optimistic person

9. Hang out with positive people=be influenced by optimistic people

10. Do a gratitude review nightly=think of ten things you are truly grateful for

11. Minimize exposure to negative influences= stop watching, listening and reading to the news.

Keep this list handy and use it as a guide to get you on the positive track. If you feel your starting to get negative just review the list and get back on the wagon. After a while it will become second nature and you will be the positive, happy person you want to be.

For the full article on "11 Steps to a More Positive You" by Jonathan at Advanced Life Skills, please click on this link



Armed forces

Armed forces
I would like to send positive thoughts, prayers and many thanks to all the men and women in our United States Armed Forces who support and defend our country around the world! A big Thank you to the family members who support our troops! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS AMERICA!