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Keeping POSITIVE is my daily goal but sometimes it is hard when there are so many negative things going on around me. How do I stay positive in a world that breeds negativity? Well we will see if I can manage it! It is hard but not impossible. First thing is to make sure I Pray every chance I get and second........breathe!

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Sounds of Freedom

The beginning of Labor Day Weekend unfolds with the thoughts of the countless blessings pervading my mind.  Sitting in the car outside my daughter's school, I patiently wait for the dismissal bell to ring. The blowing wind ushers countless sounds in through the open window, enveloping my space.  The sounds guide my eyes to the tall metal post holding the symbol of our nation. The following poem was inspired by the moments that followed.  I hope you enjoy it and your Labor Day Weekend.  I pray that it is a Positively Blessed one!

"Sounds of Freedom"

Intermittent flapping sounds,
spurred by metallic clanking rounds

Capture ones fervent attention,
to look in awe at this presentation

The wind manipulates and urges,
the cloth to obey commanded surges

To flutter and wave to and fro,
the stars and stripes surely show

Proudly displaying who ranks high,
around the world for you and I!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

     The other day I was asked by a gentleman if I liked sports.  Not particularly was my answer.  Why, I asked.  He said that his wife of four years was lamenting over football starting in a few weeks and that she would lose her husband to it until the season was over.  I looked over at him as if I were waiting for the punchline.  I was thinking, where was the problem in this situation?  The sports lover asked me what my take on spouses spending time watching sports instead of being with their spouses was.  I stated that there were no issues for me that my husband spent his time watching sports instead of being with me.  Actually, I let him know that I thought it was great that my husband was able to enjoy watching sports without me.
     In fact I really preferred him to go enjoy his favorite pastime.  With a curious look on his face the man cautiously asked me why.  My reason was simple.  While my husband was busy watching sports, I was studying, shopping, or enjoying my favorite pastimes.  I enjoy listening to all types of music while I quilt, write poetry, read novels.  I do not expect my husband to like everything I do.  Let's face it, its not like your spouse is out handing out bills at a strip joint!  They are just enjoying some sports either alone or with other sports lovers.  Hey better them than me!  
     Yes, I do admit that when I was younger I was insecure and clung to my man.  I even endured sitting on the couch and watching (actually sleeping through) hours of endless sports.  Heck, I even bought him tickets to different sports events and attended with him.  That was the young me who wanted to please my man and overlooked my likes and wants.  Now that I am more mature, I realize that in order to make one another happy you need to communicate, trust and  support one another.  If sports makes my spouse happy then more power to him watching it.  Likewise, I know that my husband also wants me to do what makes me happy.  
     After we indulge in our hobbies we do come together and enjoy doing things we both like.  Being in a committed relationship takes give and take.  If you allow for time apart from one another you will both grow to appreciate the time you do have together all the more.  The old saying, "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder" is really true.  The time you spend doing your own thing will nurture your relationship and show your partner that you care enough to give them space.  You will reap the rewards when your loved one enjoys the time you do spend together! Have a positively Blessed day!

How to

So you want to know how to be more positive? It will take practice and dedication but it is well worth it. Hey listen no one is perfect, after all we are only human, we will falter but trying is the first step to a better, less stressed, more positive you!



11 ways to become positive

Here are 11 steps for a more positive you that I read on

1. Think Gratitude=focus on your blessings

2. Choose Happiness=choose to be happy

3. Substitute challenges for problems=focus your attention on positive outcomes

4. View life as a journey=look forward to new and unfamiliar experiences

5. Stop and smell the roses=enjoy the simple things in life

6. Begin your day on a positive note=focus on the things that bring you joy and take that with you throughout the day
7. Be positively aware=actively search for the positive side of things

8. Act out happy=act like a happy, optimistic person

9. Hang out with positive people=be influenced by optimistic people

10. Do a gratitude review nightly=think of ten things you are truly grateful for

11. Minimize exposure to negative influences= stop watching, listening and reading to the news.

Keep this list handy and use it as a guide to get you on the positive track. If you feel your starting to get negative just review the list and get back on the wagon. After a while it will become second nature and you will be the positive, happy person you want to be.

For the full article on "11 Steps to a More Positive You" by Jonathan at Advanced Life Skills, please click on this link



Armed forces

Armed forces
I would like to send positive thoughts, prayers and many thanks to all the men and women in our United States Armed Forces who support and defend our country around the world! A big Thank you to the family members who support our troops! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS AMERICA!